Why was the Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan created?

Shortly after his arrival in the Diocese of Saginaw, Bishop Carlson asked that a legal entity be created that could securely hold funds donated by people of the diocese.  His request was that these funds be invested in a socially responsible manner, in investments that are consistent with the values and principles of the Catholic Church.  The Catholic Community Foundation of Mid-Michigan is the structure Bishop Carlson envisioned.

What is the benefit of donating to CCFMM?

CCFMM gives donors the opportunity to provide endowed gifts in a secure legal structure. Because of the long range investment nature of our funds, we hire investment professionals who employ strategies that can only be utilized by larger investment pools. Donors select the ministry(ies) they wish to support without the need to create their own foundation.

What kind of endowment gift can a donor make?

A donor can make a gift to an existing endowment to support a ministry of the diocese or their parish, a Catholic school or organization, OR they may create an endowment in their own name that indicates the ministry the donor chooses to support.

How are assets of the Foundation invested?

The current asset allocations of the Foundation’s funds are as follows: 15% in International Equity, 10% in Alternative Investments, 30% in Fixed Income and 45% in Domestic Equities. We continue to look for ways to increase investment return while managing investment risk.

What portion of the investments will be disbursed annually?

For 2012, the Board of Trustees has authorized a 4% disbursement on endowment funds. This figure is reviewed annually at the November Board of Trustees meeting.

What type gifts are accepted?

Donors can make gifts of cash, appreciated securities, life insurance, land, or collections. A Gift Acceptance Policy has been created by the Board of Trustees. The policy also defines a variety of gifts that can be made that pay income to donors for a lifetime, with the residue retained by CCFMM, to be used as designated by the donor. For additional information please review the Gift Planning section of our website.

Can gifts be made in the name of others?

Any of the gifts mentioned above can be used to create a fund in memory of a loved one. Endowments can be made to honor a parent, spouse, child, etc.