Aid to the Elderly Endowments

Goal of the Fund — As Baby Boomers continue to age, new ministries will be needed to meet their needs. The goal of this fund is to create endowments that can be used to reach out to Senior citizens of the diocese in a variety of ways with a variety of ministries.

Existing Endowments — At present, no endowments have been created for this purpose.

How Disbursements are Used — When endowments are created for this area of ministry, disbursements will be used in the manner stipulated by the donor.

TOTAL Aid to the Elderly Endowment Assets (as of 12-31-10):     $0.00

This is Our Parish

Many of us form a strong bond with our parish. Sometimes these bonds are ethnically driven, other times they are formed by a significant emotional event in our life: marriage, baptism, funeral.

A parishioner of one of our parishes contacted the foundation concerned about the long term financial viability of their parish. It seemed their congregation was struggling to make ends meet and the younger families did not seem to have the same financial bond with their parish as some of the long time parishioners. What could they do?

The family set up a parish endowment which they will add to every year. Funds will be distributed to the parish every year to help with the operation of the parish.

“Our family has attended this parish for generations; this gives us a chance to give something back.”