Assistance to the Poor Endowments

Goal of the Fund — The goal of this fund is to have endowments that will provide monies for emergency needs of the poor within our diocese, the State of Michigan, the country, or in other parts of the world. The funds may be used for natural disasters or to meet the needs of the chronically poor who need assistance with food and shelter and other basic human needs.

Existing Endowments — At present, there are a total of 10 funds for the support of the poor. Some funds are for outreach to a specific group of people while others are more general in their focus.

  • 4 endowments were created by individuals or families
  • 6 endowments were created by multiple donors

How Disbursements are Used — One of the funds in this category is the endowed portion of the Mother Theresa Fund which provides assistance to pregnant women and new mothers of our diocese who have specific needs. In addition, disbursements from this category are used for the poor within our diocese, state, country, and the world; for victims of natural disasters both in our area and around the world; to care for people who are hungry; for the care of the Novitiate and Retreat House in Colombia; to assist parishes in the diocese who are experiencing financial difficulties or that are taking on special projects; to help ease the burden of people in our diocese who are struggling financially.

TOTAL Assistance to the Poor Endowment Assets (as of 06-30-16):   $1,153,538

A Memorial to Mom & Grandma

A couple recently gave a home to the CCFMM to create an endowment. They told the following story about why they were donating the house:

“For as long as I can remember, mom and grandma struggled financially. We bought this house so that they would have a place to live that was clean and safe and well kept. Grandma lived there until she died. Then mom moved in. It seems only fitting that now that they both are gone, we should give the house to the Church so that others may also be helped.”

The house was sold and an endowment was created to help women – like “mom” and “grandma” – who are struggling financially. The fund was created in mom and grandma’s name as a memorial to two women who had a great impact on the donor’s life.