Miscellaneous Purposes Endowments

Goal of the Fund — Some funds do not fit into the traditional categories mentioned above. Those funds are included in this category and can have a wide range of purposes.

Existing Endowments — At present, three endowments exist in this category.

  • 3 endowments were created by an individual donor

TOTAL Miscellaneous Endowment Assets (as of 06-30-16):      $67,126

“There Are a Lot of People Who Need Help”

Gifts to the CCFFMM are impressive because they usually represent an area of ministry or an aspect of a person’s faith that is of great importance to the donor. There also are the donors who have no particular area of interest – just a general desire to make a difference. This was very evident a while ago when an older gentleman came into the diocese with check book in hand, explaining that he wanted to make a gift to the CCFMM.

This man had just received a sum of money and he wanted to give it to the Foundation. He spoke about how blessed he was and how he wanted to use God’s gifts to help out others. He asked that disbursements from the endowment be used to help people who aren’t helped in some other way through the Foundation.

His final comment: “There are a lot of people who need prayers… and who need help…”